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Over 30 years of professional experience

The highest priority of the company is a satisfied customer, that is, a user of our services. The business strategy is based on high quality and a wide range of products, services and availability. The fact that customers have recognized our commitment to their needs has given us the opportunity to become long-term partners with whom we can build a secure future on the market.
Satisfying the needs of customers and users of our services means offering such technical solutions that offer the most optimal price-quality ratio in the field of electrical engineering.


Delivered aggregates


Industrial facilities


Commissioned UPS devices


Residential buildings

Electrical installations

We have a license issued by the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Construction and Ecology, namely: part of the electrophase, installation of high current and power plants.

In the execution of electrical installations, we pay particular attention to the quality of work and the application of new technical achievements in accordance with all domestic and foreign technical regulations. We are among the leading companies in SMART installations with over 150 designed and over 50 executed units.

Delivery and installation of distribution cabinets

Production of lightning protection installations

Production of low current installations

Procurement, delivery, commissioning and maintenance of aggregates and UPS devices

Charger for electric cars

Smart installations, smart systems, smart houses

Consulting in electrical engineering

Installation of substations


Your safe source!

Our company can offer you delivery, assembly, commissioning, operator training, service during the warranty and non-warranty periods for all types of aggregates.
As an OEM partner (Original Equipment Manufacturer), we are able to fulfill all specific customer requirements, providing original components from branded manufacturers.

The production program includes power units from 1-3000 kVA of the manufacturer: We have a warehouse of spare parts in Banja Luka, so we perform all tasks quickly and professionally. Since we are aware of your need for safe backup power, our technicians from the intervention team are at your disposal 24 hours

Distribution cabinets

We make distribution cabinets according to your needs. All cabinets are in accordance with current domestic and international standards. We offer the following wardrobes:

UPS devices

Acknowledging the need for continuous power supply, and thanks to the long-term experience of “DOS ELEKTRO” in the installation and maintenance of UPS devices, we are able to offer you Necron devices for continuous power supply.

Necron is one of the largest manufacturers of UPS and SPS systems

in Turkey, Necron is a true leader in Europe in the production of UPS systems for uninterruptible power supply. In accordance with the motto “Energy that does not stop”, Necron devices and systems are characterized by exceptional technical characteristics. The range of products consists of power devices from 400VA up to 6.4MVA, as well as all accompanying equipment, transfer switch devices, communication cards, sensors, software for complete monitoring and control of the UPS system.

Our customers


We are proud of all our projects. Here you will find a small selection of our completed projects

Addiko Bank Banja Luka
Performing electrical work within the construction of business buildings
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Metalex Derviši
Electrical works within the construction of the business building TC Metalex - Derviši
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Crossroad Ramići - Dragočaj
Construction of the Ramići - Dragočaj intersection at the exit from Banja Luka
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Mine and thermal power plant "Stanari"
Performing electrical plumbing works (strong current) on the construction of an administrative building and a restaurant for the needs of TE "Stanari" (contract number 391/15)
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KC Banski Dvor Banja Luka
Implementation of the installation of the grombran installation at the Cultural Center Banski dvor in Banja Luka
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Your safe source!